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What Mitchell Caver Can Do For You

I love creating art commissions. When people come up with these great ideas I get to bring to life! It is a great feeling to share my creative process in collaboration with other creators and inspired people.


Your loved ones in my 'realistic" style capturing life's unique moments.

Birthday Coming Up?

My "Super Hero Me" style makes an awesome comic book style super hero of yourself or loved one! The perfect gift for any true believer!

Custom Characters

I will draw your original character idea as you envisioned in a detailed design sheet.

Looking for Cover art?

I do cover art for books, albums and even for Facebook pages! Share the image you see in your head and let me bring it to life!


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About Me

I am a illustrator and graphic designer. I take commissions as a freelancer and pencil for hire! Creating anything from portraits and custom superheroes, to custom logos, book and album covers. I hone my abilities and strive to make the most of every opportunity i get! Feel free to contact me, i would loike to work with you


My World of Original Characters: Enter The Soul Is The Sword

The Soul is The Sword. Welcome to my world of original characters and stories. Follow my characters in a new-samurai era where swords and Ronin meet Meta physics and non-ballistics. The Soul Is The Sword is still a work in progress and I want to share my growth and process […]

Looking For a Custom Art Project?

Looking For a Custom Art Project? Characters from games, books, movies or even from your own imagination! Allow me to help you bring It to life!     Fill out this inquiry form and send it back to us @! We’ll get the ball rolling on your art project. […]